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St. Johns




Free & Clear


6000 Feet


A (Agricultural)



Woodland V R









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34.633660, -109.193940

Welcome to the heart of Arizona, where nature's beauty meets endless possibilities. We invite you to explore a rare opportunity to own 36.82 acres of pristine land in Apache County, Arizona. This parcel, identified as AZ_01, offers a canvas for your dreams, whether you seek a peaceful retreat, a sustainable homestead, or an investment in Arizona's flourishing land market.

Property Details:

Property ID: AZ_01

State: Arizona

County: Apache

Nearest Town: St. Johns

Street Address: TBD

Zip Code: 85936

APN: 204-61-503

Title: Free & Clear

Property Taxes: Approximately $84.74 / Year

Property HOA:$240 / Year

General Elevation: 6000 Feet

Terrain: Level

Zoning: A (Agricultural)

Acreage: 36.82 Acres

Square Feet: 1,603,879 Square Feet

Access: Dirt Road

Subdivision: Woodland Valley Ranch

Power: No

Water: No

Sewage: No

Gas: No

Phone: Yes

Internet: No

Stick Build Homes: Yes

Alternative Homes: Yes

Tiny Homes: Yes

RV: Yes

RVing While Building: Yes

Tent Camping: Yes

Location Highlights:

Nearby Town

- St. Johns: 33 Minutes Away

Points of Interest

- Scorpion and Ant Hill: 39 Minutes Away

- Patterson Ponds: 41 Minutes Away

- Lyman Lake Store: 48 Minutes Away

- Agate House: 1 Hour and 12 Minutes Away

- Rainbow Forest Museum: 1 Hour and 13 Minutes Away

- Giant Log: 1 Hour and 14 Minutes Away

- Martha’s Butte: 1 Hour and 20 Minutes Away

- Crystal Forest: 1 Hour and 22 Minutes Away

- The Tepees: 1 Hour and 46 Minutes Away

Pricing and Contact Information:

Ready to make this Arizona oasis yours? Contact Debrosland anytime at (970) 829-8580. Act now, and you have two convenient payment options:

- Discounted Cash Price: $19,500+ Closing Costs (Approximately $1,000)

- Seller Finance Price: $24,500 + Closing Costs (Approximately $1,000). Please note that all finance arrangements are subject to final approval. If interested, inquire with Debrosland.

Unveiling Your Arizona Paradise:

Acreage for All Your Dreams:

This expansive 36.82-acre property in Apache County is a canvas for your imagination. Whether you dream of a spacious ranch, a sustainable farm, or simply a private retreat, this land is ready to transform your vision into reality.

Level Terrain for Easy Development:

The property boasts a level terrain, making it an ideal canvas for construction. Say goodbye to complicated landscaping and excavation costs; your dream home can be realized with ease on this naturally flat expanse.

Zoned for Versatility:

With an agricultural zoning designation (A), this parcel opens doors to a variety of possibilities. From traditional stick-built homes to alternative and tiny homes, the land welcomes your vision, giving you the freedom to build the retreat you've always wanted.

Connectivity Without Compromise:

Although off the beaten path, the property is accessible via a dirt road, ensuring that while you enjoy the tranquility of your secluded oasis, you're never far from the conveniences of St. Johns and other nearby attractions

Endless Recreational Opportunities:

RV enthusiasts, campers, and outdoor enthusiasts will find solace in the freedom this property offers. Whether you plan to build while RVing, camp under the stars, or create a recreational haven, this land accommodates your adventurous spirit.

Act Now:

This remarkable opportunity to own 36.82 acres of Arizona's untouched beauty is not one to be missed. Call or text Debrosland at (970) 829-8580 to get your questions answered or to secure your slice of Arizona paradise. Embrace the Arizona dream – vast, serene, and waiting for you!

Disclosure Statement

Debrosland, its managers, employees and all other affiliates do lengthy research on all properties prior to listing them, in all cases we have not seen the property. All prospective buyers are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence to verify the information provided is accurate and contact the county to confirm that whatever plans you as the buyer have for the property in question are in fact legal, feasible and permitted to your satisfaction. We make no warranties or representations about the land, its condition, or what can be done with the property. Due diligence is encouraged but is the buyer’s responsibility and all sales are final. If you visit any of our properties, you are visiting at your own risk and release our company and all it's managers, employees and other affiliates from any and all claims or liabilities. To see a full list of our disclosure statement and other notices please visit our Terms & Conditions.






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