Our mission is simple, democratize land ownership.


Land. The core of our mission is to democratize land ownership. You have the inalienable right to property ownership in the United States, so take advantage of it and get your hands on some land!
The American Dream. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, it is at America's heart. The beauty of it is, you get to define what that looks like for you! We are here to help in your journey of becoming a landowner.


People. That's you! Without you we would not be in business, so we make it our core pursuit to help you and as many people as we can in their journey of becoming a landowner!

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The United States of America is the Land of Opportunity and we strive to provide an abundance of US land for sale across this great country! Each parcel of land has a story, and the beauty is, you get to add to it once you become the new landowner. What opportunities will you create with your vacant land?
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Our Founders

Welcome to Debrosland.com, we invite you to explore our website! Our company was built on the foundation of our family's farm in Timnath, Colorado, so we understand what it means to grow up in small-town USA. As a company we are proud to continue on the legacy of land ownership and believe firmly in instilling small-town values of hard work, integrity and respect into our daily operations. Our mission is to help everyday people fulfill their American Dream of owning land! We are proud to say we can trace our family lineage back to the American Revolution and proudly say I am an American who's family helped establish this great country. Our country was established on the foundation of controlling our own destiny, so don't take it for granted, grab it. Minting new landowners is our privilege and we hope to help you real soon!

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The Farm

Based in Timnath, Colorado, the family farm was originally established in 1871 and has become a gem of the community. Taking ownership in the late 1970's, the family maintained the property for nearly 50 years, during that time many memories were created. There is truly no greater feeling than the experience of living on the land, and to an outsider who has lived in the city, it is hard to explain. To summarize that feeling is hard, but imagine waking up to God's beauty shining over the horizon as the birds chirp and the locusts sing while you walkabout the the property. Now do that throughout the seasons and enjoy the little things in life, as if it were the entire reason for doing it, that is living life on the land to the fullest. The farm is now sold, but the hopes, dreams and life on the land that we enjoyed will live on in us for as long as we walk this Earth. As the farm transitions into its next phase of life, we want to say thank you to Hartford Homes based in Timnath for keeping the spirit of Timnath and the Red Barn alive in the community they build. The legacy of our family and the history will live on forever as the farm transitions into it's next phase as a homesite for hundreds of families that will call Timnath home.

The farm truly was at the root of our family's origin story and we hope that you will find inspiration in our little old farm as you begin your land ownership journey. Enjoy the little things in life, at the end of the day, they make life worth living to the fullest!
US Land For Sale - Debrosland Has The Best Land (Timnath, Colorado)


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