Refund Policy

Our goal is to help all of our customers, but due to the inherent nature of business we post this refund policy to be transparent about how we operate. Refunds are not accepted on any sales as costs are incurred to create paperwork and hire professional companies and attorneys to close the land you have placed a deposit on. All purchases with our company are final, please be sure you want to buy with us before making any payments!

Types of Transactions:
--Land Deposit:ย 
This is a non-refundable deposit on a property purchase and is considered earnest money. This is credited towards the purchase at closing. If you choose not to go forward, then this money is no longer yours. All land deposit transactions are final.
--Land Sales:ย Any money paid towards the property after the contract stage is non-refundable this includes: doc fees, principal, and any fees and money paid toward attorneys and title and escrow firms. Land is not a product you can return to the store after you have used it, please make sure you want to purchase before moving forward. Once a contract is signed and title is transferred it is your property and now your responsibility. All sales are final!
Refunds (if applicable): All sales are final. No refunds available.

Exchanges (if applicable):
-Cash sales are not exchangeable, all sales are final.
-Financing sales are not exchangeable, all sales are final.

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