49.16 Acre Parcel In An Opportunity Zone!


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New Mexico
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Free & Clear
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Approximately $193.54/Year
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No Zoning
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No Legal Access
Center GPS
32.274340, -108.043340, 32.281760, -108.023690
Northwest GPS
32.276260, -108.044990, 32.283520, -108.024830
Northeast GPS
32.276260, -108.041790, 32.283510, -108.022670
Southwest GPS
32.272640, -108.044990, 32.279890, -108.024800
Southeast GPS
32.272630, -108.041790, 32.279880, -108.022650
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**Attention Agents: We pay a 5% commission to any Buyer's Agent that sell's this property. We are not a Brokerage, but welcome any and all that would like to do business with Debrosland.**

Searching for a great place to camp out during the weekends and enjoy all the various outdoor activities? Well, the search is over! You can walk, hike, and bike, and so much else, year-round in Luna County, New Mexico. The sun shines almost every day in Luna County. The temperatures are mild-to-hot in the summer and cold a few days in the winter. And when the mercury rises, it is typically a dry heat accompanied by a cooling breeze. Deming is very healthy for those who come. In fact, in the old days and into the 20th century, doctors from all over the nation sent their patients to Deming to regain their health. Deming is indeed a healthy place to be with plenty of opportunities to stay active.  This Property is 49.16 acres is ideal for investment since life here takes place in an area rich in history. There are the talented Mimbres and Mogollon Indian cultures, the Butterfield Stage Pony Express, the open range of the cowboys, Pancho Villa’s invasion over the border of Mexico into Columbus, and other astounding historical events. This property is just an hour away from cities like Deming and Lordsburg. If you're looking for an adventure, Luna County has your back! There's a bunch of stuff you can do and visit, Which includes these top attractions like The Luna Mimbres Museum that is 24 minutes drive from the property. The exhibits relate to the everyday lives of the citizens of Deming and the Mimbres Valley. They include paintings, furniture, period rooms, antique machines and tools, toys, dolls, clothes, vehicles, farm equipment, war memorabilia, photographs, Indian artifacts, gems and geodes, and an important collection of Mimbres pottery. Luna Rossa Winery which is 24 minutes away from the property, Luna Rossa offers a warm, enchanting setting where visitors can enjoy great wines. Spring Canyon State Park which is 42 minutes away from the property, The stunning scenery of the Spring Canyon unit of the park provides a peaceful area for hiking or picnicking. City of Rocks State Park which is 50 minutes away from the Located about halfway between Silver City and Deming, City of Rocks offers campsites, hiking trails, excellent mountain biking, wildlife viewing, birding, stargazing, picnic areas, and a desert botanical garden. Big Ditch Park which is 1 hr and 22 minutes away from the property, Big Ditch is a combination walking trail and park. You can explore the tree-lined path but it's also a good place to enjoy a cup of coffee or read a book. You don't want to miss that outright? This property is priced to sell! Check this property out while it’s still available.

* This property is located in an Opportunity Zone. We want to preface this conversation that we're not an Attorney or a CPA, we suggest you get in touch with your selected experts to give you a full view of what investing in an Opportunity Zone means for you! Under The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act the creation of the Opportunity Zones tax incentive was born, giving investors huge tax savings incentives for investing in these areas. *

Nearby Towns 

20 Minutes to Deming (More Info)

31 Minutes to Lordsburg (More Info)

57 Minutes to Hatch (More Info)

Points of Interest

21 Minutes to Luna Mimbres Museum (More Info)

24 Minutes to Luna Rossa Winery (More Info)

37 Minutes to Spring Canyon State Park (More Info)

50 Minutes to the City of Rocks State Park (More Info)

1 Hour and 14 Minutes to Big Ditch Park (More Info)

Visiting the Property

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