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FAQ Introduction

Welcome to the FAQ page! Please scroll through to find answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to reach out to the Debrosland team so we may help you in your land investing journey.

What is Debrosland?

We are a company that specializes in selling raw land all across America. We are proud to help people fulfill their American dream everyday and to showcase our company, we created a film to show you what we are all about.

What financing options do you have?

While paying cash would be the most ideal situation for purchasing a piece of land from Debrosland, we realize that is not possible for everyone. Due to this, we wanted to dedicate a few FAQ sections to this very question. Options to finance your property include: land loans via Light Stream, local bank or credit union, personal loan companies, and Debrosland. Please note, that none of the links to follow are affiliate links and we are not associated with these companies in any way. In each of the following sections we will go into the fundamentals of each option and what to consider with each.

How does local bank or credit union financing work?

Start by talking to your bank or credit union that you currently do business with! Being a current customer, your institution might be more receptive to the idea of financing your purchase via a personal loan or land specific loan. Local banks and credit unions are tied into the communities they serve and often make it their mission to help the local community they are located in. The requirements will vary but it's worth doing some diligence to see what is available. You will probably notice the APR being higher than a typical mortgage, with terms being generally shorter, and the application being a little lengthier. That being said, not all institutions operate the same and you might find your institution is a diamond in the rough that works more favorably towards your financing needs. Depending on if you get a personal loan or land loan the terms will vary from institution to institution. Should you require any documents from our team to make the loan application please let us know so we can be of assistance in that process. Special Note: if your local institution isn't a good fit and want to look at other land specific loans, finding a local bank or credit union to the parcel of land might be another good place to look for financing.

How do personal loan companies work?

While we don't know all the specific requirements to get a personal loan from each of these companies, we have found a tool that can help you in your search at NerdWallet (please note that this link is not an affiliate link and we are not associated with NerdWallet in any way). On NerdWallet you start by putting in the following: 1) credit score range 2) state of residency, 3) loan purpose, which we might use “other” or “home improvement”, 4) loan amount and 5) annual income. This will then automatically generate the loan options available to you. It is important to note this tool is not perfect. Some flaws that will impact the payment amount include: your individual financial situation, the length of the loan and final interest rate that you lock in. Due to this, if one or more look doable then that is where you can use the NerdWallet options listed for you to “check rate” or you can visit that particular website for that lender to see if you qualify. If you get denied from one lender, another may be open to lending to you. Persistence is important when applying for loans, and while there are many options, filtering your options to the best would be advisable before applying.

How does Debrosland financing work?

Generally speaking, Debrosland can offer financing on our properties. You will need to put together a substantial down payment but we can start a conversation about owner financing with a minimum of 20% down. A few notes about our financing process: 1) our interest rate is typically 10-13%, 2) we typically require the property down payment to be somewhere between 20-30%, 3) we require you to pay for any closing costs required to get the financing arrangement setup and 4) we require you to pay for any note servicing fees which can include a setup fee and ongoing fees of roughly $25 per month. A couple of special notes: 1) we may do a financial background review and soft credit pull to determine if financing the property will be a good fit for you and our company 2) if you can meet requirements from above we can be flexible with the payment timeline and monthly payment. Here is a link to a helpful PDF.

If I use Debrosland to finance, what kind of financing instrument do you use?

Instruments we generally use are a Land Contract, Deed of Trust or Mortgage with supporting documentation and is dependent on the state and recommendation of the closing title company. The property is then the buyer’s to use and the instrument used is the legal agreement which demonstrates the buyer's equitable interest in the property. Only when the property is paid in full will Debrosland convey full title or remove the lien on the property, again depending on the instrument used for the financing setup. Please note we work with multiple LLCs and other affiliates so the preferred instrument for financing may differ from property to property, however our team is here to help navigate that process when you are ready to buy.

What kind of properties do you sell?

We sell property all over America. Our inventory ranges from small lots to large tracts. Generally speaking we only sell unrestricted lots that you can do just about anything your heart desires. Feel free to check our inventory, we are constantly updating it as new property becomes available and vice versa when our inventory is sold it is removed from the website to protect our buyers privacy.

Why is the property so cheap?

The Debrosland team scours thousands of county records and purchases a large volume of properties all across the United States of America. As a result of our work, we receive discounts on the properties we purchase which is passed on to you at discounted “wholesale” prices.

How much are property taxes?

The property taxes are typically current unless otherwise stated and will vary from parcel to parcel. Please check the property tax section on the listing for further information and to verify or discuss the property taxes and any given property please contact the Treasurer’s office in the county where the parcel is located. If you need help with obtaining this information the Debrosland team is here to help with getting you their contact information.

Are there back taxes or liens on the property?

The Debrosland team checks for these during our acquisition process, and generally speaking our properties are purchased with title insurance in order to protect our investment. With that in mind, you don't have to worry about these sort of issues with any of our inventory.

Is there any association dues I need pay for the property?

Unless otherwise stated, the answer is no. We typically avoid these sort of properties but if there is an HOA/POA or other association fee attached to the property we will indicate that in the property listing so you are aware of any costs associated with the land.

Does the property have utilities?

This depends on the property. We always do our due diligence on every property prior to listing because this is such a critical question. On every listing, we indicate the access of gas, water, power, sewage, phone and internet. All information on these utilities can be provided upon request and was provided by the companies directly in charge of servicing the area where the property is located. Please note, while we have done our best to ascertain the viability of utilities it is your responsibility to satisfy the access to these utilities prior to purchasing the property.

Can I see the property before I buy it?

Yes, in fact we encourage all prospective buyers to visit the property they’re interested in prior to purchase. We understand that not all buyers are able to do this and this is why we provide photos taken from each property we list. In the absence of being able to physically walk the land prior to purchase, reviewing these photos can be an excellent way to gain insight into the property, its terrain and surroundings.

Can you show me the property?

We always get pictures of our properties which we show on each of our listings so you can get a good idea of what the property looks like. However, since our team is spread out across the United States, we cannot personally show you any of the properties, unless you would like to cover the cost of traveling to the property and all other travel expenses. However, if desired we can arrange for a Realtor to meet you at the property if you would like to pay a little extra, this would be an added expense on your part to hire them for the visit (typically around $100-200). Or if they represent you on the entire transaction this is typically an additional 5-10% of the entire purchase price as an added cost to the purchase.

Will you pay for special stipulations?

No. We do not pay for your title insurance, your survey, your perc test, your septic inspection, your well installation, your fence construction or any other costs which would reasonably be viewed as the buyer’s responsibility. We sell our properties in as-is condition on every sale.

Are you licensed real estate agents?

No. All properties we sell are either owned by our company, subsidiary or are under contract with our company, which gives us the sole right to purchase the property. If you are are contracted with a real estate agent/realtor/land expert/etc. or represent a client we would love to work with you, just give us a shout so we can be of help in talking about any of our properties.

Will I need an attorney or real estate agent?

While Debrosland would never discourage anyone from seeking proper legal counsel, we have gone through great effort to simplify the buying process with straightforward, easy-to-read contracts. Furthermore, land acquisition and resale is not typically an intense or paperwork heavy process. In fact in our experience, the participation of an agent or attorney is the exception and not the rule when it comes to legally conveying rural, vacant land from one party to another. This is yet another reason why our prices are so low. All this being said, if a buyer feels more comfortable having a professional review the contracts under which they purchase one of our properties, we would never object.

Can you hold a property for me?

The fee to place a “hold” on a property is $100 per week. This $100 will be applied to your purchase if you buy the property, but is otherwise non-refundable. If you're interested in placing a hold on one of our properties, we encourage you to contact our office directly and speak to a representative.

Can I buy land in my son or daughter’s name?

Yes. One of the great things about transferring land in the United States of America is that the buyer does not have to sign the deed. The seller signs as the ‘Grantor’ granting the property to the ‘Grantee’. A child not of age to sign legally binding contracts does not need to sign to receive or take ownership of land.

If I am not a United States citizen may I still buy land from you?

Yes, land in the United States of American can be bought by anyone who is not subject to American trade restrictions imposed by the Congress. This includes North Korea, Myanmar, and a small handful of other countries that tend to be black listed by America. Our company has had the pleasure of doing business with customers from Canada, South Africa and even the United Kingdom, if you are ready we will be here to help you own your slice of America.

What is your disclosure statement?

This is listed on each of our properties because it is very important! You are responsible for your own due diligence and all sales are final so we make it a point to put this on each listing so that you are fully aware of this fact. Here is our disclosure statement in its entirety. 

Debrosland, its managers, employees and all other affiliates do lengthy research on all properties prior to listing them, in all cases we have not seen the property. All prospective buyers are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence to verify the information provided is accurate and contact the county to confirm that whatever plans you as the buyer have for the property in question are in fact legal, feasible and permitted. Due diligence is the buyer’s responsibility and all sales are final. To see a full list of our disclosure statement and other notices please visit our Terms & Conditions page.

Do you give refunds on your Non-Refundable Earnest Deposit?

No. It’s Non-Refundable for a reason. Once you place an earnest deposit on a property we take that property down from our website as well as all other land listing sites on the internet. We draft contracts, we open escrow and we notify other buyers that the land has been sold. This takes effort and time from our team to make this happen. This is one of the reasons the Non-Refundable Earnest Deposit is set so high, so that you will do your research and exercise an appropriate degree of caution before initiating the transaction. Only if we are unable to fulfill the terms of the contract and convey the property to you with clear and marketable title will we refund the otherwise Non-Refundable Deposit.

Do you give refunds on your properties?

Our refund policy is that we do not offer refunds. If we have conveyed a piece of property to you, we trust that it was after you had done your due diligence required for you to be satisfied with the purchase. This includes but is not limited to scouting the land, speaking with county officials or getting quotes from local vendors. If you did not elect to take the appropriate diligence to confirm the piece of land you purchased was what you wanted and suited to your needs, we will not be responsible for refunding the purchase.

Why should I do business with Debrosland and or it's subsidiaries?

We are a great small business that strives everyday to provide the greatest deals on the market, at the greatest prices out there. Most of all because we are proud Americans helping families find their dream property! We too enjoy the ability to look a person in the eye and handle business face-to-face. In this modern world, however, everything needed to accomplish one of these transactions can be done from the comfort of your own home via phone, fax and email. We buy and sell hundreds of properties each year and rarely ever meet one of the people we’re buying from or selling to. The efficiency of this business model, combined with the low overhead, allows us to pass the savings on to you, the buyer. Not only that, but we primarily do business with 3rd party title companies, which takes the stress out of the transaction so you can focus on getting your new property stress free!

Does the property come with mineral rights?

Mineral rights are not included unless otherwise stated. In areas where we purchase land, parcels typically have the surface and subsurface rights separated at some point during the property's history and because we sell our properties at wholesale pricing it isn’t something we typically investigate. Debrosland makes no claim to owning or selling mineral rights in any way, shape or form in connection with in any of our listings.

How do I know where the property is located?

Each of the properties listed on our website will have the GPS coordinates and an address if available. We also provide a map with the overlay and where available the official plat map from the county. You can use Google or your favorite map software to zoom in and out to get a better idea of the property’s location. Please be aware that we use the county to gather this information, so the information is only as accurate as the county we obtained the information from. Also note, not all properties have an address but if you desire you can obtain one by contacting the city or county where the property is located to discuss what the process is and if the property in question is eligible to get an address assigned.

Have you surveyed the property?

Debrosland does not survey our properties, unless otherwise stated in the listing this would be your responsibility. Most properties we buy were platted years ago. Property stakes or pins may have been used to mark property boundaries but it’s typically questionable whether they still exist or can be found. While they may be there, we don’t make that guarantee to our buyers unless stated in the individual listing. The GPS coordinates we give you to locate the property are fairly accurate and if used for scouting, will get you to a location that will give you a good sense of the property you are purchasing. For complete accuracy of where the lot begins and ends, it is ultimately best to hire a local surveyor. Please note while we can help with identifying a surveyor to help you, the ultimate cost is yours to bear. A survey can cost anywhere from $1000 to $5000+ depending on the size, scope and specifics of the property survey, for this reason we don't do surveys because of the inherent cost to conduct this sort of activity.

What is the significance of a recorded deed?

The deed is the legal document that proves ownership. The recorded deed is the one that has been recognized by the county. This means it will have a sticker or stamp with county identification on it indicating the Book, Page or Document Number of where this deed can be found in the county’s files. Debrosland is happy to provide copies of this document where requested to prove ownership. If the property was closed through a title company, there may be a window where we may not have this document available yet, but we are happy to provide it once it becomes available so we can prove our ownership to you. These sort of requests are not unreasonable and are to be expected by any buyer that deals with people online, so we do our best to be transparent with you in your land investing journey.

Why does the county GIS say someone else owns the property?

Often times the county government is very slow to update records, before the websites of the county are updated, it has to go through the Recorder & Clerk Office, Assessor's Office and Treasurer’s Office. In many counties, this only happens one time per year to save costs. While questions about ownership are reasonable and expected, we encourage any interested and or skeptical buyers to reach out to us for confirmation of ownership, we would be happy to provide a copy of the recorded deed and if available the title insurance policy we purchased to prove ownership. Even if the county websites have not been updated, they should also be able to provide proof that the record has changed to our company name. Note: We use several LLCs to hold property, so while you are dealing with Debrosland this is only a Trade Name and the real name of our LLC holding property will be on these documents we provide.

How does the county know what property I am referring to when I call?

The best practice is to refer to the property APN aka Assessors Parcel Number or Legal Description when talking to the county, this will help them with identifying what property you are referring to, and can provide the best available information for that property in your due diligence process.

What can I do with the property?

While Debrosland has provided lots of information on the properties we sell, we cannot anticipate every question we may receive, nor can we know all of the zoning ordinances in any given county we do business in. Therefore, we always recommend our buyers to go directly to the source and speak to the people who work in the county offices of the specific county where the property is located in order to get an authoritative source of information about what the county does and does not allow. If you need help, our team can help with identifying sources for information that you can follow-up with, but all due diligence provided is for your reference and should be verified before moving forward on any property.

What else can you tell me about the property?

Debrosland purchases land for the sole purpose of resale. In the interest of transparency, everything we know about each parcel is disclosed in the listing and nothing is withheld. Information is deemed reliable but not definite, all information should be verified by Buyer prior to purchasing the property.

Do you have any questions we didn’t answer?

Contact our office using the contact information located in the footer of this page.